"I want to smile those big smiles again, but it's hard to do these days .."
a good night and a good morning ...
[2005-10-05 @ 8:41 a.m.]
I'm feeling much better this morning, no more sneezing (knock on wood), I slept pretty good too. I'm hoping I make it through today without any craziness, sneezing always has me feeling irritable and grumpy. (grrrr)

This morning I watched a little Friends. I've been watching it a lot lately. I can't wait until season ten is released on dvd in November! Season ten is the last season of Friends by the way

Last night I took part in Danny's football get together, it was a lot of fun. I think the kids really enjoyed it, I know the parents did. Lots of laughing and fooling around, all good stuff.

This weekend is their last game, they will be playing in Alliance Bank Stadium, its always a big deal for them. It will likely be a cold one though, its a 5:30pm game, if they are lucky maybe they will playing under the lights.

Well, time for me to get to work, my internet time is becoming more short lived by the day, what's a fella' to do right....